A Comic Book to Change the Future

Florida superheroes

Florida Five #1 Coming Feb 2016!

Most comic book crowdsourcing campaigns are about artists expressing themselves and creating something entertaining – which is great. I want to use my graphic art and writing talents to change the future of Florida.

With our state’s long history of misguided priorities, environmental missteps and blatant corruption, we need the next generation of leaders to have their priorities straight when it comes to protecting the fragile eco-systems that make the Sunshine State a world treasure.

The key to education is starting young, and the key to teaching successfully is to do it in a fun and exciting way.

Enter the Florida Five, four teenage superheroes – Gator, Panther, Osprey and Dolphin – and their mentor, Manatee, who lead young readers through a series of adventures that:
1) will imbue them with an understanding of our state’s critical environmental challenges,
2) show them that they have a role to play in the solutions,
3) inspire them to get involved, and
4) give them an outlet for their inspiration – the Florida Five Project (floridafive.org) PLUS
5) engages them in reading and creating their own art

Science fiction is great fun, but let’s not worry about galaxies far, far away when we’ve got a lot of work to do right here and right now. Let’s start a conversation about conservation with Florida’s youth!

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