ECO-Alert: Draw the Line!

Fishing hooks and line are deadly to marine birds and animals when not disposed of properly.

DrawTheLineAmanda Margraves, wildlife rehabilitator at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center:

Every day birds and other wildlife get caught in fishing line and fish hooks that are not properly thrown away. The line washes up on beaches and mangrove islands and then eventually the animals get it wrapped around them.

Luckily some animals are rescued but sadly others are not. More than 1,000 injured birds are brought to the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center every year.


Students, discuss your plans with your teachers, parents or guardians before taking action!

Always respect the rights and property of others.

KIDS: Report on your Eco-Action and we’ll tell your story!


If you see discarded fishing line, hooks or other garbage, carefully pick it up and throw it in a trash can or bin. Police the area whenever you’re out in nature.


Tell your friends and classmates about why it’s bad to leave hooks, line and other garbage on the ground. Spread the word through social media.


Organize a beach or trail cleanup day to help our environment and the animals that live in it.


Put the number for the nearest wildlife rehab center on your phone. If you see an injured animal, call it in immediately.

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