ECO-Alert: Keep Recycling Florida!

Florida generates more than 32 million tons of municipal solid waste annually, almost two tons per resident per year. In 2008, the Florida Legislature enacted a bill setting a new statewide recycling goal of 75% to be met by the year 2020.  After a slow start, Florida hit its 2014 interim goal of 50%, with 18 counties leading the way. Check THIS LIST to see how well your county is doing.

Florida recycling programs are critical to conservation, because more resources and energy are needed to make new things than to recycle old things. That means recycling reduces carbon emissions and greenhouse gases that are messing with our planet’s climate.

Panther Recycles with Style!

Panther Recycles with Style!

In fact, 20 recycled cans can be made with the energy needed to produce just one can using new materials. Every 20 glass bottles recycled saves two pounds of carbon emissions. According to Planet Green, each pound of solid waste recycled saves 2.5 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions — and one less pound in a landfill.

Florida is doing great, but this mission is not yet accomplished.We need all Florida counties recycling at the rate of 75%.


Students, discuss your plans with your teachers, parents or guardians before taking action!
Always respect the rights and property of others.

Recycle Your Home & Neighborhood: Make sure your family has recycling bins and uses them. Contact your County Public Works Department to find out how to get more bins. Encourage your neighbors to recycle. Offer to help them get bins, including printing them a form if required. If elderly neighbors need help, offer to carry their bins to the curb each week.

Recycle Your School: If your school doesn’t have a recycling program, start one by talking to your teachers and administrators. Recruit other students to form a team that can work on recycling in the community.

Recycle Businesses: Contact local businesses and find out if they are recycling. If they’re not, offer to help them start a recycling program.

Recycle Your Community: Look for opportunities like fairs to educate people about recycling. Research ideas for recycling projects like the ones at LOVE TO KNOW GREEN LIVING.

Learn more about volunteering for environmental change in your community with these publications from the US Environmental Protection Agency:


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