ECO-Heroes in The Reporter!

Reporter-20160122wThanks to reporter April Applegate and the editors at The Reporter for the awesome feature article and cover blurb in today’s edition!

Erich Decker-Hoppen grew up reading comic books and he wanted to create a story to inspire kids to take action on protecting the environment.

‘Ultimately, I want to turn this into a Florida small business that employs Florida artists and writers… and a green project that is good for Florida on different levels.’

Let’s start a conversation about conservation with Florida’s youth. Please support us on Kickstarter!

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  1. I am so pumped about this project! My one concern is I hope the creator has done due diligence on researching the extensive conservation messaging techniques; resulting eco-phobia and learned helplessness were hard lessons learned from “doom and gloom” strategies aimed towards kids in the 90s and I’d hate for such a unique project to go down that path.

  2. Florida Five is all about youth empowerment – and it’s anything but gloomy!

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