Where in the world could two kids lost in a swamp have anything to do with an exploding offshore oil platform? Only in Florida! AND ONLY IN FLORIDA FIVE #1!
FL5_clip06On vacation from the Gulf Coast, Carla arrives in the Everglades with her family and soon finds herself chasing after Nacho, her mischievous brother. At the same time he falls prey to a Burmese python, Carla is faces an American alligator. Their cries draw colorfully costumed teenagers Panther and Gator, who rescue them with ease.

After taking the kids to a secret outpost, Gator and Panther contact Manatee, their leader. Their conversation is interrupted by a report from Osprey: Explosion in the Gulf!

FL5_clip04FL5_clip02With help from Dolphin, the Florida Five can deal with the oil spill, but when they face the true impact of the disaster, CARLA saves the day!

This series is all about empowering kids. FL5_clip05

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