Florida Facts for Kids

Florida facts for kids

Knowledge placement in Florida Five #1

Florida Five is a great source for Florida facts for kids. In fact, the whole point of this comic book series is providing facts about Florida for kids in a format that is both intriguing and inspiring.

You’ve heard of product placement – TV shows or movies cleverly slipping brand-name products into their scenes. Florida Five Project use KNOWLEDGE PLACEMENT, infusing our stories with valuable information about Florida’s environment. Florida Five readers will become interested, informed and engaged in solving the Sunshine State’s myriad conservation issues.

Florida facts for kidsThe motto of superhero mentor Manatee is “Knowledge is power!” (from philosopher-scientist Francis Bacon)  Instead of resisting education, Florida Five fans will see it as means to self-empowerment. Because the superheroes’ powers are all science-based, knowledge could result in a real Florida Five someday!

Here are the real Florida facts for kids: Your parents’ generation has seriously damaged your world. It’s up to your generation to find a better way to live in harmony with our planet.

What makes our approach unique is the different formats we use for presenting facts about Florida for kids, including:

ECO-Alerts – Critical environmental issues faced by Florida and steps kids can take.

ECO-Tips – Simple, everyday ways to be part of the solution.

ECO-Heroes – People making a difference for Florida’s environment. IT COULD BE YOU!

Help us start a conversation about conservation with Florida’s youth and usher in a new generation of Florida superheroes. Check out all the action in  Florida Five #1!

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