Florida Green Business: Sponsor the Project

The Florida Five Project welcomes sponsored advertising by Florida green businesses – companies and entrepreneurs selling products or services designed to solve environmental problems or promote a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

A business not matching that “green” description can still sponsor a green ad – an environmental public service announcement – with your logo prominently displayed.

Milestone events are approaching that will drive significant traffic to this site. Feb. 27 will see the debut of the comic book at Green Planet Festival in Ft. Lauderdale. Mar. 8, we are being featured on South Florida PBS’s Artloft arts program. We will be actively promoting and expanding distribution throughout the state.


The first kids drawn to the comic book and website will likely be those with environmentally conscious parents. That’s why they’re great places to feature Florida’s green businesses.

While we expect Florida Five to have broad appeal, our target market is Floridians, ages 10-14 (grades 5-9). This group has a population of approximately 1.2 million.

Our plan is to grow steadily toward reaching the majority of that population. Our initial distributors will be Florida’s comic book shops, book stores, green retailers and this website, which is full of features designed to keep kids visiting regularly. Florida Five will be promoted through social media and advertising. We will also be reaching out to clubs, environmental organizations, schools and state agencies.

sidebar banner 250 x 200

sidebar banner 250 x 200


The comic book will be published quarterly through 2016: March, June, September & December. Monthly publication will begin in 2017.


Get on board now and your Florida green business will get lots of exposure to a statewide audience that fits your marketing mix.

BANNER AD: floridafive.org           250 x 300 px      $50/month

Available Now! Your ad (with hyperlink) on the top left sidebar,
rotating with only 3 other ads.

PRINT AD: Florida Five comic books

Florida Five #1 will have an initial printing of 5,000 in February 2016.
Print ad submissions accepted through Dec. 31, 2015. 

Full Page
6.125 x 9.75
$500  FL5_adsizes
Half Page
6.125 x 4.75
Quarter Page
3 x 4.75
Eighth Page
3 x 2.325

Submit ads as 300 dpi CMYK PDFs to boneagedesign@gmail.com
Ask if you need assistance with your ad design!

Florida Five Project is featuring Florida green businesses and reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.


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