Florida Kids: Be an Eco-Hero!

The stories in the Florida Five comic books are meant to inspire. The Florida Five Project is the outlet for the inspiration!



Both the comic book and this website feature Eco-Tips and Eco-Alerts that offer suggestions for actions YOU and your friends can take to improve the world around you. These are just the start.

Make Your Mark!

We want to hear from you about what you’re doing for Florida’s environment and what ideas you have for a better future. Send your report to floridafiveproject@gmail.com

We also want Florida’s young writers and artists to get involved with their own Florida Five stories and artwork. If you rock the theme, we’ll put your work on the site. Send your stuff to: floridafiveproject@gmail.com

Spread The Word!

Let your peops know what’s what and make sure the Florida Five Project gets the momentum it needs to sweep the Sunshine State and usher in a beautiful future!

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