Florida wildlife is a national treasure that’s under constant threat. Florida Five is a new comic book series and education project that will get our young and young-at-heart informed, inspired and involved in Florida conservation and environmental issues, like:
○ habitat destruction                                        ○ coral reef degradation
○ invasive species                                              ○ air and water pollution

Readers01wOur premier issue is in print!

Support the Florida Five Project by:

  1. buying the comic book for yourself and a friend or two (or five!)
  2. spreading the word on social media
  3. ask your local comic book or nature store to carry the Florida Five!

We will keep publishing as long as we have an audience. Please let us know what you think or submit a review of the comic book. Thanks!

Building the Team

The story of the FL5 superheroes starts with the mysterious Manatee, a scientist who begins a new, fantastic effort to save Florida’s threatened environment. One by one, she recruits Dolphin, Gator, Osprey and Panther, a champion for each of Florida’s eco-systems.

Equipped with fauna-suits and com-goggles, the Florida Five faces off against poachers, polluters, crooked politicians and any enemy of the ecology they encounter. But the team quickly realizes it cannot succeed alone.

Only Florida’s youth have the power to save the Sunshine State!

Let’s build a real team of Florida conservation superheroes. We need to increase public awareness and action to focus business and government priorities on Florida wildlife conservation. Inspired and informed, members of the Florida Five Eco-Force will be prepared to deal with environmental issues in Florida.


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