Florida wildlife is a national treasure that’s under constant threat. Florida Five is a new comic book series and education project that will get our young and young-at-heart informed, inspired and involved in Florida conservation and environmental issues, like: ○ habitat destruction                        …

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Meet Dolphin!

Florida coral reef conservation

SUPERHEROES CONFIDENTIAL  CODE NAME: Dolphin SECRET IDENTITY: CLASSIFIED Dolphin is a trophy-winning high school swimmer who was recruited by Manatee to patrol Florida’s seas and coral reefs. Her strong swimming strokes are boosted by her fauna-suit, which allows here to cruise the waters at more than 50 miles per hour.…

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ECO-Alert: Sea Turtle Nesting Season


Florida sea turtle nesting season begins in May on many beaches and lasts through the end of October. “In order to keep sea turtles and our beaches and oceans healthy, it’s important for all of us to be good neighbors and do our part,” says Dr. Robbin Trindell, head of the…

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Wildlife Rescuer’s Eco-Alert

Florida facts for kids

The ECO-Alert “Draw The Line” included in Florida Five#1 was provided by Amanda Margraves from Wildlife Rescue of Dade County and formerly of the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center (Read More…) “Every day birds and other wildlife get caught in fishing line and fish hooks that are not properly thrown away.…

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ECO-Alert: Month of the Bat, Man!


While Batman dukes it out with Superman, real bats are getting ready to give birth and raise their young. Bat maternity season starts April 15, so now is the time to act. It is illegal to harm or kill bats in Florida, but they can be legally removed from a…

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Meet Panther!

Florida superhero Panther

SUPERHEROES CONFIDENTIAL  CODE NAME: Panther SECRET IDENTITY: CLASSIFIED Panther grew up on the mean streets of Miami, where her speed and agility kept her alive despite her tendency for getting into trouble. When a series of bad calls leave her looking at a life of crime and punishment, Manatee intervenes, offering…

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ECO-Heroes in The Reporter!


Thanks to reporter April Applegate and the editors at The Reporter for the awesome feature article and cover blurb in today’s edition! Erich Decker-Hoppen grew up reading comic books and he wanted to create a story to inspire kids to take action on protecting the environment. ‘Ultimately, I want to…

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Florida Five Coloring Challenge


Kids, get your pencils, crayons, markers or drawing pads and color the world of the Florida Five, the Sunshine State’s environmental superheroes! Click on an image and then print or download. Choose from Osprey, Manatee, Panther, Gator and Dolphin. Color with any media you like. The backgrounds are up to…

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Meet Gator!


SUPERHEROES CONFIDENTIAL  CODE NAME: Gator SECRET IDENTITY: CLASSIFIED Gator grew up in the swamp and knows its wonders and dangers. He was already defending wildlife habitat by driving away poachers when he was recruited by Manatee to protect the Everglades. His Fauna-suit augments his strength and propels him rapidly through…

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A Comic Book to Change the Future


Most comic book crowdsourcing campaigns are about artists expressing themselves and creating something entertaining – which is great. I want to use my graphic art and writing talents to change the future of Florida. With our state’s long history of misguided priorities, environmental missteps and blatant corruption, we need the…

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