Meet Panther!



Florida superhero Panther

Panther: Friend of the Forests

Panther grew up on the mean streets of Miami, where her speed and agility kept her alive despite her tendency for getting into trouble. When a series of bad calls leave her looking at a life of crime and punishment, Manatee intervenes, offering her a shot at redemption.

Exploring nearby cypress forests for the first time in her life, she finds her whole reality shaken. Seizing the chance to reinvent herself, she agrees to don the Panther fauna-suit to defend wild lands and creatures.

Florida is home to three national forests and 37 state forests. About half of Florida’s land area is covered by forests, and the northern half of the state is more forested than the southern. More than a third of south Florida’s forests were cleared for farming and homes.

Threats to our valuable woodlands are never-ending,  says Panther.  Let’s fight together for Florida’s forests!

Besides being great for recreation and relaxation, forests act as natural air and water filters and provide vital habitat for wildlife. Florida panthers and black bears need large blocks of forest. New roads and developments put us in conflict with our furry friends.

Panther is devoted to ensuring the survival of all of the Sunshine State’s precious fauna and flora.

Source: Florida Forestry Association


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