Protect the Future of Florida for Kids

TheMissionCan we guarantee a bright future in Florida for kids?

Can they afford our apathetic attitude?

This project was inspired by my appreciation of comic book superheroes, my love of nature, and the realization that not nearly enough is being done to prepare the next generation of Florida’s youth for their upcoming roles as stewards of the planet.

The mission is this:

Create an exciting and inspiring comic book series focused on Florida’s environmental threats (Florida Fiveand an outlet that channels youthful enthusiasm into addressing those challenges (Florida Five Project).

For the Florida Five comic book series, I am launching a new small press, BAD Press, a division of Bone Age Design, my graphic design business. I plan to contract with young Florida writers and artists as well as employing staff.

For the Florida Five Project, I have built this website in the hope it will become a resource and a conduit for Florida’s youth, schools, green businesses and eco-organizations.

For the kids, it’s a place to learn and they can also submit their own art and stories. They can also report on the ECO-ACTIONS in which they have participated.

You can help me out by:

  • spreading the word right now through social media
  • supporting my Kickstarter campaign in January 2016

Let’s get this baby rolling and create a wonderful Florida for kids!


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