Superheroes Inspiring Florida’s Kids

Florida is home to spectacular eco-systems, each one a priceless, irreplaceable part of our natural world. The threats to the land and its inhabitants are endless. Someone always wants another little piece for business, and government is often a pushover when pitting conservation against economic interests.

FloridaFive_silhouette2wWe the people must keep a vigilant eye in order to preserve the natural world for future generations, and children must be taught to appreciate and value it before they repeat the mistakes of the past. Another Deepwater Horizon disaster should not be inevitable.

You can help make the Florida Five a reality by supporting our Kickstarter campaign in January. The first issue is slated for publication February 2016.

There are plenty of environmental organizations and projects in Florida, but surprisingly little is directed at reaching Florida’s youth.

Enter the Florida Five. I have created a team of superheroes fighting for the Sunshine State, inspired by wildlife from each of five eco-systems: Dolphin for the seas and reefs, Osprey for the coast, Gator for the swamps, Panther for the forests, and Manatee for the waterways.

Besides personifying Florida’s environment, these characters will confront real issues that our state is facing today, like pollution, invasive species and habitat destruction. In each case, our heroes will require the assistance of Florida kids in order to make a difference. The kids become the real heroes, and the readers come to understand that they can change the world.

To foster that inspiration, the comic books and the website offer Eco-Alerts and Eco-Tips that kids can act on. They are also welcome to submit their own art and stories. My goal is to get this project rolling and then turn it over to some dedicated youngsters. But I’ve got a bunch of stories to tell first!

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