Wildlife Rescuer’s Eco-Alert

Florida facts for kids

page from Florida Five #1

The ECO-Alert “Draw The Line” included in Florida Five#1 was provided by Amanda Margraves from Wildlife Rescue of Dade County and formerly of the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center (Read More…)

“Every day birds and other wildlife get caught in fishing line and fish hooks that are not properly thrown away. The line washes up on beaches and mangrove islands and then eventually the animals get it wrapped around them.”

Osprey gives Florida kids four 4 Eco-actions they can take to address the issue.

The Florida Five Project uses “knowledge placement” to cleverly infuse stories with Florida facts for kids, but each issue of the comic book, as well as the website, includes :

ECO-Alerts – Critical environmental issues faced by Florida and steps kids can take.

ECO-Tips – Simple, everyday ways to be part of the solution.

ECO-Heroes – People making a difference for Florida’s environment. IT COULD BE YOU!

Check out all the action in Florida Five #1!

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